Highway 25, 1 mile
south of Tres Pinos

FREE Admission to the
Historical Village; $3.00
gate fee for the park
(collected by the County)

Daily, Dawn to Dusk

Tours available by contacting Don Pidd @ (831) 902-9349 or by email

This Public Service Announcement was produced by Delbert Doty and Don Pidd from San Benito County Historical Society, and will broadcast regularly on CMAP, the Community Cable TV Station.

San Benito County Historical and Recreational Park

The San Benito County Historical and Recreational Park is located on Highway 25, 1 mile south of Tres Pinos (watch for the sign above, and enter the park over the bridge). There is a gate fee to the park of $3.00 per vehicle, which is collected by San Benito County.

The Recreational Area

For more information about the recreational area of the park, to obtain a group permit, or reserve a section of the park, visit the Parks & Recreation web site or call San Benito County Public Works at 831-636-4170.

The Historical Village

The public is welcome and tours may be arranged of the Historical Village by calling Don Pidd at 831.902.9349 or send an email.

Admission to the Historical Village is free (donations are very welcome).

The Historic Village includes a diverse collection of historic homes, buildings, vehicles, farm implements, and more.  Here's a partial list:


If you turn left at the sign above, you enter the Historical Village with some old buildings from San Benito County.

In 2008 Pacific Coast Termite came to our rescue by treating the historic Sullivan House for termites which had been very active in the roofing area.
Without their support it would have been impossible for us to treat this problem.  The Orange Oil treatment left the building with a wonderful aroma of citrus.  Our termite problem now seems to be no longer. Thank you Pacific Coast Termite for a job well done!