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1941 John Deere Model B Tractor

Our 1941 John Deere Mod. "B" came to us as a donation from the Santa Cruz Rural Ag Museum in 2004. It was running, but needed work to make it run well. Joel Messer and George Hazelton, members of the SBCHS as well as the Branch 3 Early Days Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. came to our rescue and took over the job of getting this wonderful old machine back in shape.

With help from our own Delbert Doty, the "Deere" was put back in shape with new front tires from Lamar Bros Tire Service in Salinas, and it soon begin to appear moving about the Historical Park bringing looks from all that saw her. With the large flywheel turning on one side of the tractor and the pulley on the other, we soon had guest at the park coming up to us asking questions.

We are planning to put this grand old machine to work on light projects around the park as well as hook a drive belt up to the pulley which will enable us to run some of our old belt driven implements for interpretive demonstrations.

We have a few things to do to the machine which will put them in top shape and hope that they will soon be running around the Historical Park bringing more questions from kids and allowing the visitors to see how many task were performed 50 to 60 years ago. Our many thanks to Lamar Bros. Tire, San Benito Tire and A.S.E. in Seaside for taking on the task of sponsoring us in the efforts to keep these grand old machines running and to help keep history alive and well in San Benito County. We ask you support these local businesses who have taken the time to help us.

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