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1952 Farmall H Tractor

This tractor was donated to SBCHS from a family in Soledad, CA. One of the sons bought it new in Oregon (1952), and it was used primarily on the family farm for cutting, raking and bailing hay, which they used for their dairy operation and also sold. Some family members learned to drive on this tractor. The tractor had been sitting in a field for about 6 years and had not been running. Luckily, someone had the knowledge to place an old fruit jar over the exhaust to keep water out. The machine was hand loaded onto a trailer and brought out to the park. Over the next few months, oils were changed, new spark plugs replaced the old ones and tires were changed and mounted by San Benito Tire.

The Farmall H Tractor was made from 1939 to 1953 by International Harvester. It was a very popular tractor with over 350,000 units produced. Many units are still at work on farms. It is rated as a two plow tractor with a 152 cid 4 cylinder engine with a 6 volt electrical system. At one point, we wanted to see if the engine would turn over, as everything seemed to be free turning, so a battery was hooked up and the starter button was pushed. The engine turned slowly, growling and coughing and finally it caught.

A little more throttle and old engine burped up what seemed to be a ton of debris that had collected inside the exhaust system for all those years. It literally rained dead bugs, grass, weeds etc. We could see that we were close to getting the tractor running and at point we shut her down to see what else we could do. The generator and starter was pulled off and taken to Kevin at the Alternator & Starter Exchange in Seaside. Kevin helped us by cleaning and re bushing both items as well as replacing the electric contact brushes. A new voltage regulator replaced the old one and the tractor was soon purring like a kitten.

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